Accessories For Versetta Stone

Versetta Stone accessories make it simple to create a fully finished look without extra hassles or wasted time. Every component, from corners and sills to receptacle boxes to fasteners and adhesives, works as a system with Versetta stone siding panels. Made with the same premium materials and in coordinating styles, colors, and textures, the Versetta accessory system ensures you have what it takes to achieve professional results—all in one place.


Available Accessories:

Accessory Swatches:


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PDF: Versetta Stone Brochure

Stone Wainscot Cap:

The stone wainscot cap is a 36" long piece that interlocks on top of Versetta panels.  It installs like regular Versetta panels with 4 screws through the flange.  It is available in three colors - taupe, stone grey, charcoal.

PVC Wainscot Cap:

The PVC wainscot cap is a 16' long piece that provides significant cost savings for large Versetta wainscoting projects.  Being 16' long, it also dramatically reduces the number of seems you visually see.  


Dark Gray, Light Gray, Taupe, White

Shown in Taupe


Trim Stone:

The Versetta Trim Stone is a 3' long panel that mimics the look of stone blocks and creates what is often referred to as a "soldier course" in masonry.  It installs like Versetta panels with four screws through the flange.  It is an optional feature for above or around windows or doors to break up the look of all stone. 


Starter Strip:

The Versetta Starter Strip is a pretty standard accessory for every single Versetta Stone job.  It is an alignment tool that acts as your base starter strip that your first row of stone can interlock into.  It helps to promote an even and level first row of stone.  

Available in Taupe and Charcoal
Length: 10′



The Versetta J-Channel is an optional accessory that can be used as a J-Channel above windows and doors and when transitioning to siding.  It works like any J-Channel and provides a pocket for siding to butt into and a channel for water to properly flow.  

Available in Taupe
Length: 10′


Receptacle Boxes:

The Versetta Receptacle Box is an easy to install receptacle box that neatly fits within a Versetta Stone wall.  It matches the depth of Versetta Stone panels for a clean and professional look.  It's a great accessory for electrical outlets and doorbells.  


Light Boxes:

The Versetta Light Box is an easy to install light box that neatly fits within a Versetta Stone wall.  It matches the depth of Versetta Stone panels for a clean and professional look.  It's a great accessory for outdoor sconce lighting, vents, and any exterior piping.  


Column Caps:

Column Caps are real stone caps that measure 20" x 20".  They are excellent for craftsman column caps, mailbox caps, and fence caps. They are a simple one piece installation.  

20″ x 20″

2" Thickness 

Available in Taupe, Stone Grey, and Charcoal


Screws & Bits:

Versetta Screws & Bits are pre-approved fasteners for Versetta Stone projects. They are a 1-5/8" hardened carbon steel with a full thread to head screw that is approved for exterior projects.  Can be used with a wood or cement substrate.  

They are available in two sizes, 100 pieces (roughly 50 square feet of stone) and 500 pieces (roughly 250 square feet of stone).  

We recommend using these on every Versetta job.  They are equivalent in price to other fasteners, but ensure a proper install.

1-5/8" Full Thread to Head Exterior Grade

Finish Adhesive:

Versetta finish adhesive is a multi-purpose adhesive that can be used as a glue adhesive for partial panels, or as a gap/void filler.  Certain panels on a Versetta job may require that the nailing flange be cut off, and when this happens it is recommended to apply the adhesive to the back of the panel and then face screw through the panel. The adhesive can be used as a filler for face screws and/or gaps between panels.  

Available in Taupe and Charcoal

10" Segmented Diamond Blade:

The segmented diamond blade is the ideal blade for cutting Versetta Stone. It is the best blade to use for clean cuts and is more durable than a traditional saw blade. We recommend using one with every Versetta Stone job.