South American Exotic Hardwood Decking 

TigerDeck® is a complete Tigerwood Decking system unlike any other.  We package naturally strong Tigerwood decks with BlackTalon® Universal Deck Fasteners to give you a TigerDeck that is durable, easy to install, beautiful, and low maintenance. Graded in the USA, TigerDeck decking lasts 2-3 times longer than Redwood, Western Red Cedar, or treated wood and is naturally rot and insect resistant.  We stand behind every product we sell with a 25-year limited warranty.  


Available Sizes:

Features & Benefits:

-Amazing rich auburn color and black grain 

-Incredibly durable and low maintenance 

-25 Year Warranty 

-Naturally rot and insect resistant 

-Extremely dense and sturdy, can span up to 24" O.C. for decking

-100% sustainable and renewable timber

-Versatile: can be used for decking, fencing, siding, and gardens



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Customer TigerDeck 1x6 S4S Fencing:

Clayton, MO 

Day 1 Install:

Aging and weathering after one year:


Q: Is TigerDeck the same thing as IPE? 

A: No, TigerDeck is different than IPE.  While both are South American hardwoods, they actually are a different species of trees, with TigerDeck coming from the Astronium spp. tree.  

Q: Do I need to seal and/or stain TigerDeck?

A: No, it doesn't have to be sealed if you don't mind the product slowly changing color.  The product will perform just as well, but it's color will go through a transformation, at first darkening to a deep auburn in the first few weeks and then eventually turning a silverish grey.  

If you want to maintain the color of TigerDeck, you should seal all sides with one of their recommended U.V. sealants.  The sealant should be re-applied every year with roughly two coats.  Learn more here: http://tigerdeck.com/maintenance/ 

Weathered TigerDeck:

Months Exposed:

Year Exposed:

Years Exposed:

Q: How do I fasten down each deck board? 

A: TigerDeck has a patented clip system that installs with a grooved deck board.  It's one of the best clips on the market, and will easily last the lifetime of your deck.  

If you're working with a S4S product, you can face screw with their plugs and screws kit.  

Q: Why can't I buy all the same length deck boards?

A: In order to get the most out of each log and ensure long-term sustainability, TigerDeck is sold in what's called "Random Length" tallies.  This means you'll get a mix of boards ranging from 8'-20'.  This is standard for many clear and exotic wood products, and any experienced deck builder will have no issues.



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TigerDeck is available in Missouri and Illinois, including St. Louis, Columbia, Quincy, Chesterfield, St. Peters, Rolla, Jefferson City, Cape Girardeau, Springfield, Mt. Vernon, Decatur, Marion, Jacksonville, Champaign.