Moulding Application Cheat Sheet:

Crown: Decorative moulding installed between frieze boards and soffit 
Shingle Mould: Decorative moulding installed on the fascia just below the roofing shingles.  Oftentimes referred to as Rake Mould.   
Drip Cap: Moulding installed over windows and doors, typically on top of brick mould
Brick Mould: Moulding installed around windows, historically bumps up to a brick exterior
Rams Crown: Moulding installed over windows and doors, typically on top of S4S trim
Sill Nose: Moulding installed at the exterior base of windows 


Features and Benefits:

  -100% cellular PVC

  -Low maintenance: moisture and termite-proof; mold and mildew resistant

  -Lifetime Never Rot Warranty

  -Superior nailing and gluing

  -Time and labor-saving installation 


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Royal PVC Trim Brochure

Royal PVC Specifiers Guide

Royal PVC Warranty

Royal PVC Installation


2592 4-5/8" Crown: 


S4S Stock with 4-5/8" Crown and 2-3/4" Crown:

2149 16' Garage Thermostop:

7631 16' Sill Nose:


6D or 8D galvanized nails or pneumatic nailer with stainless steel heads

Fasten nails 12" O.C., approximately 3/4" from the edge

PVC Glue:

Temperature variations will cause PVC to expand or contract, so it's recommended to glue all joints and miters using a high-quality instant glue or PVC cement.

Painting PVC:

Royal PVC does not require painting for protection, but it can be painted with 100% acrylic latex paint to achieve custom colors.  A second coat may be needed to achieve desired colors.  Dark colors are not recommended with PVC, so be sure to check what's allowed before painting.  


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