2x6 Fir & Larch Select Struc T&G Center Match

Available Sizes:

Features & Benefits:

-Great for roof decking, loft floors, and outdoor patios  

-Face coverage = 4-7/8", so factor 246 LF per square 

-Select Struc grade for appearance and strength 

-Beautiful color, grain, and knot structure

-Brings an added insulation value (1.9R) 

-Available in multiple lengths 

-Simple span of 6'-8' is easily achievable, but always check with local designs and load factors

-Priced comparably to other common roof decking species (Yellow Pine, SPF, etc)




Information Request

PDF: Fir T&G Roof Decking Sell Sheet

PDF: Roof Decking American Wood Council


Covered Back Pavilion - Cape Girardeau, MO:

Fir Timbers, T&G Roof Decking 



Covered Back Deck - Ballwin, MO:

Stained Purlins, T&G Roof Decking, and Zuri Decking 


Clayton Shaw Park Entertainment Pavillion:

Stained T&G Roof Decking with Treated Glulams


Stock Photos:


Fastening: At each support, two-inch decking shall be toenailed through the tongue and face nailed with one nail using 16d common nails.

Span: Our Fir & Larch Select Struc can easily span 7' between supports.  Reach out to us and explain your application if you're trying to achieve a further span.

Layup: Installation can be done using one of these methods.

FinishingYou can paint, stain, or clear coat to your preference.  Finishing can be done after installation