Advantech T&G flooring is the #1 rated sub-flooring, and has been for over a decade.  Advantech uses a ultra premium resin throughout the board that gives it superior stability, strength, and performance.  

When you want the best, Advantech is the only answer.  

Available Sizes: 


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First Time User Rebate = up to $450 ($3 per panel)

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Advantech Builder Brochure

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Advantech Installation Instructions

Advantech Architect Brochure Part 1

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Advantech Product Data Sheet

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Installing Flooring with Advantech:

*Try with 1/4" Lauan Plywood

*Try with 1/4" or 1/2" Hardiebacker 


How to Install Advantech: 


Advantech Moisture Resistance:

Why make the switch? 


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