Versetta is a panelized stone system that is installed like siding without the mortar, mason, or mess of traditional stone.

It is made by Boral, the same company that manufactures cultured stone - one of the most popular lick and stick stone products on the market. Taking those best practices, they were able to make a carpenter friendly stone product that saves time & labor while still maintaining the beauty of stone.

It is available in two profiles and five colors, and comes with a full line of accessories. 

Fast Facts

  • Coverage: 2 sq ft per piece
  • Installation: Interlock piece into the self leveling tongue and groove, fasten with 4 screws into the nailing flange (hitting two studs, two into sheathing) 
  • Installation Cost: 1/5th the cost of lick and stick stone
  • Accessories: Starter strip, wainscot cap, trim stone, J-Channel, light & receptacle box
  • Target Customer: Siding crews, outdoor living jobs, DIY'er, and the general contractor looking to expand their business


Available Styles and Colors 


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Q: What is this made out of?

A: Versetta Stone is a concrete based product with a galvanized metal flange.  Unlike other stone veneers products, Versetta is an actual stone based product and ins't some flimsy fake plastic.  

Q: How do you install it?

A: Versetta has a very simple, stackable install.  Each piece has a hidden tongue and groove that interlocks into place.  Once leveled and in place, it takes four fasteners through the nailing flange, with two hitting studs.  

Q: Can you cut it? 

A: Yes - it can be cut with a segmented diamond blade saw.  It is also recommended to have a hand grinder for more precise cuts and chisels.  

Q: Are there corners? 

A: Yes, there are designated corner pieces that can be used for both inside and outside corners. 


Q: What other accessories are there? 

A: Versetta Stone has a suite of products, and includes a starter strip, wainscot cap, trim stone panel, light and receptacle boxes, and J-Channel.  It's one of the few stone veneer products that has a full system, ensuring that every job can be professionally done.  

Q: Where do I see the savings as a builder?

A: This product is designed to save significant labor hours.  The material itself might not save you much money, but it installs for about 1/5th the cost of regular lick and stick stone.  Your labor savings come from less material and prep (no lath, scratch coat, or mortar), faster install (2 square feet can be installed with just four screws), and a broader work force (there is no need for a mason - carpenters, contractors, and DIY'ers can easily install).


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